Looking for Guidance?

Do you have concerns about your child or family's functioning?

  • Perhaps you have noticed a change in your child's mood, behaviors, self-care or relationship with you.
  • Is your child struggling in school, facing social pressures, making risky choices, or shutting you out when you try to communicate.
  • Perhaps you are having difficulty making changes in your life, or feeling stuck in negative patterns.
  • When you try to have a positive family event, things go poorly and everyone ends up upset.
  • Perhaps you are going through a difficult loss or family transition and don't know how to talk about it.

Counselling can give you the support and guidance you need.

With over 30 years of experience providing mental health and counselling services with youth and families, I can help you understand these developments, and learn the skills to navigate the stressful waters.  A thorough assessment will guide a plan for treatment, and determine what services will be the most helpful. 

Taking the first step...

It is always difficult to feel that your concerns have moved beyond your ability to cope.  Seeking guidance is the first step toward better understanding, and better health. Developing a counselling partnership will help you move forward, practicing new skills and promoting stronger relationships.

About My Practice

My Background and Approach


I am a compassionate and effective clinician with over 30 years of experience providing counseling services for youth and families experiencing emotional and mental health challenges.  Using a flexible and strengths based approach, I guide clients to clarify goals, overcome barriers, develop skills and coping, and strengthen support networks.  I have practiced in hospital, school based and community mental health settings, giving me a broad perspective on challenges and solutions. For over 20 years, I provided and supervised treatment services in a comprehensive multidisciplinary community mental health clinic, managing clinical care, training and supervising staff and students. I have worked effectively with teens navigating the stresses of development; parents working to raise healthy, confident children; young adults making important life decisions; families going through conflicts and transitions; adults working through deep injuries or doubts.  I promote holistic care, collaborating with families, natural supports and professionals across many disciplines to build resilience and health in my clients.

Areas of Expertise


Anxiety and Perfectionism

Depression and Mood Disorders

Family and Relationship Issues

Blended and Step-Family Integration

Adoption and Attachment

Trauma and PTSD


Navigating Social Stressors

Health and Sexuality

ADD and Executive Functioning

School Functioning concerns

Young Adult Individuation

Services Provided


  • Individual Therapy (adolescents and adults).  During sessions, we explore the issues of concern in a non-judgmental manner, to explore patterns, build insight, understand a diagnosis, strengthen coping and develop new skills and perspectives. 

  • Marital and Family Therapy-  Sessions explore how family members respond to one another, developing patterns of communication or dependency. We will build mutual understanding, and establish healthy communication and partnerships.

  • Consultation with Other Providers- I will provide telephone or in-person consultation with collaborators such as school professionals, pediatrician or psychiatrist to develop a strong treatment team for my client.

Fees and Policies

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